Sign On Letter To The White House

President Barack Obama                                                                                          August 1, 2011
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

We write to thank you for your steadfast defense of the Clean Air Act and the EPA in the face of sustained attacks. Thanks and congratulations too for the recent finalization of the strong Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, for standing behind EPA’s proposed regulations on mercury and other air toxics, and for the green energy investments you have made and are fighting to keep making.

Knowing your personal commitment both to public health and to preventing the enormous death and destruction that will result from climate change, we ask that you:

1. Champion a strong 60 mpg cars rule that would create jobs, cut costs for drivers, reduce dependence on foreign oil, protect public health, and provide one of the best opportunities we will have in the next few years to reduce carbon pollution and the threat of climate change. However, many of the rule’s benefits would be lost if the rule is watered down with exceptions and loopholes, such as a slow phase-in or clean car credits for cars that rarely use green fuels.

2. Make sure that the final rule on mercury, arsenic and other air toxins achieves no less protection than the proposed rule, estimated to prevent up to 17,000 premature deaths each year.

3. Approve strong rules to prevent the severe health problems caused by smog.

4. Encourage EPA to stick by the September timetable for issuing strong rules on greenhouse gases.

We want you to know we will back you up by speaking throughout the fall with other elected officials, asking them to speak up whenever good rules are attacked by the forces of greed. As your supporters, we are also gratified to know that this is an issue on which the right action has strong public support. A recent American Lung Association survey found that 85-90% of Americans, including over 76% of Independents, support stricter versions of these four rules.

We share your disappointment at the failure of comprehensive climate change legislation. It is exciting to know, however, that strong Clean Air Act standards, together with green energy and conservation investments, can together accomplish roughly what could have been accomplished in the first ten years of such legislation.

We remain optimistic that, with your strong leadership, the policies adopted this year will protect public health, create jobs, save money for consumers, and save millions of lives both here in the US and around the world.



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