Voices for Progress is a unique organization made up of influential people advocating for the public interest

Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business owners, and other influential people join together in advocacy to provide a vital counterweight to lobbyists and the self interested

V4P provides timely information and coordinates members’ efforts, unleashing a power for the public good exponentially greater than the sum of its parts

Voices for Progress is the home for influential people committed to expanding opportunity, strengthening democracy, and preventing climate change

The Challenge


Elected Officials spend 75% of Time Fundraising...


...From Only 1% of the US Population...

...Paving the way for 11509 Lobbyists to Exert Influence for Special Interests...

...Resulting in Countless Policies Against the Public Interest

The Solution

Leveraged Access

Members join together for meetings with high-level elected officials in Congress, the White House, and state capitols to advocate for public interest causes.

Staff track issues and synthesize information to prepare members for these high-level conversations, ensuring maximum impact.

Timely Information

Personalized alerts notify a member of timely, targeted advocacy opportunities when their voice will matter most.

The Members-Only App puts key talking points in a member’s hands when they receive calls from candidates or see them at events.

Coordinated Cumulative Impact

Members weigh in on issues through coordinated group meetings, individual conversations, and calls with elected officials, as well as grasstops sign-on letters.

2019 Issues Areas

Prevent Climate Catastrophe

by limiting carbon pollution, blocking Keystone, and investing in clean energy and efficiency.

Expand Opportunity and Reduce Income Inequality

by reversing budget cuts, boosting public investment in education, maintaining a strong safety net, raising the minimum wage, and closing tax loopholes.

Strengthen Democracy

by getting big money out of politics, promoting voter participation, and making elections secure.

Other Issues

as they arise, such as immigration reform, healthcare, women’s rights, LGBT equality, and other legislative issues where members can be particularly impactful.

By the Numbers

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Issues in 2019

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