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Voices for Progress galvanizes the advocacy of business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other prominent individuals who unite to protect our climate, strengthen our democracy, and ensure economic and social justice for all.

Voices for Progress members look to impacted communities for their agenda, allying with grassroots organizations to amplify the concerns and policy solutions put forward by communities who are directly confronting challenges from police violence to polluted air to voter disenfranchisement.


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Voices for Progress members seek to ensure that all voices are heard equally in our government by advocating for campaign finance reform, voting protections, and more.

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Voices for Progress responds to emerging issues, crises, and opportunities, such as the COVID-19 emergency. Recent priorities have also included immigration reform, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, government ethics reform, equitable family leave for LGBTQIA+ families, environmental justice, child care affordability, and more.

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Voices for Progress members support candidates who will champion a healthy climate and environment, strengthen our democracy, and ensure economic and social justice for all with a particular focus on those from underrepresented communities.

The V4P Model

Customized alerts

notify members of timely opportunities when they personally can have an impact on policy outcomes.

Expert advice

for members, including inside information for conversations with high-level elected officials.

Members elect

whether to take action via individual & collective strategies targeted to maximize impact in the poticial moment, and designed to complement grassroots efforts.

Confidential political briefings

are provided at a member’s request to inform her/his individualized political giving strategy.

Advocacy Priorities

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