V4P Core Issue Areas

Securing a Healthy Climate & Environment

Strengthening Our Democracy

Ensuring Economic & Social Justice

Securing a Healthy Climate and Environment

V4P members advocate for policies that:

Combat climate change and mitigate its effects

Deliver an environmentally sustainable future

Achieve environmental justice and health through universal access to clean air, water, and green space, free from toxic contaminants.

Recent Priorities

V4P members have built support for policies including: 

  • reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • ensuring access to affordable clean drinking water
  • opposing the concentration of major polluters in low-income neighborhoods
  • prohibiting offshore drilling
  • increasing distance of petroleum infrastructure from schools and homes
  • supporting zero-emission vehicle and charging infrastructure expansion
  • passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), which includes nearly $370 billion to prevent climate change.

Strengthening Our Democracy

V4P members advocate for policies that:

End the disproportionate political influence of campaign donors

Guarantee the right to vote and that all are heard equally throughout democratic processes

Assure our government is transparent and accountable to the people.

Recent Priorities

V4P members have utilized their unique influence to make progress on various democracy-related policies, including: 

  • restoring voting rights to those on parole 
  • publicly funding campaigns
  • fully funding the census
  • protecting the Supreme Court from corruption
  • leading an extensive multi-organization grasstops advocacy campaign to support the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act, comprehensive legislation to reform our campaign finance system, protect the right to vote, and strengthen ethics in our federal government.

Ensuring Economic and Social Justice

V4P members advocate for policies that:

Enable all to achieve financial security

Dismantle systemic and root causes of social and economic inequality, particularly racism

Create an equitable society for people of all races, ethnicities, immigration statuses, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, disability statuses, ages, reproductive decisions, and other such characteristics.

Recent Priorities

V4P members have worked on priorities to advance economic and social justice including:

    • investing in the care economy, including child care, in-home care, and paid leave
    • preventing racial discrimination in jury selection and other court proceedings
    • advocating for transparency in police misconduct occurrences, and ending the money bail system
    • halting expansions of immigration detention and deportation and protecting Dreamers
    • expanding working family tax credits and enacting ultra-wealthy taxation
    • ending discrimination against transgender individuals in health care and during incarceration
    • domestic worker rights and labor protections for garment workers
    • opposing work requirements and cuts to SNAP (food stamps)
    • opposing defunding Planned Parenthood and reproductive health care access.

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